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Cassius Rayner

My work spans over 20 years in film production. Good times and bad times, but all of it has given me a wealth of experience in what I do - make films.


Take my filmmaking cap off and I believe in grass roots community and supporting disadvantaged and marginalised young people in film production. I've spent a number of years running projects for local and national groups offering mentoring and training. Today is exciting times in this area because of smartphone technology and its capabilities in supporting young people to learn not just filmmaking but personal development skills.


Scroll down for more info on the work I did with young people - sharing skills and knowledge in areas of the UK where young people would never really get the opportunity to experience filmmaking.

I use smartphone technology to shoot not only commercial work but to provide affordable services to charities and education.


I recently had the opportunity to speak at the MoJo Fest in Ireland to talk about smartphone filmmaking and what it can do for young people who can't afford mainstream film schools.


At the Featured in 15 event I spoke about my personal battle when I was stabbed by youths and how I changed it into a positive by engaging with the marginalised youth and finding ways to improve their environments.


I was lucky to be given the chance to be interviewed on BBC Radio London with Jo Goodman and one of my former students about filmmaking for the youth.

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Shaking hands with Prince William in 2012.  We had the opportunity to discuss my youth film training and I was really impressed with his questions and genuine interest.

Youth Film Training

2008 - 2016

Training programme I ran with Creative Skillset and partnered with ITV studios for unemployed young people