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Cassius Rayner

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My work spans over 25 years in film production.  8 years ago my world changed when my daughter had to have open heart surgery. As a family our lives changed forever and her recovery has been difficult. Financially I lost everything during those very difficult times and had to sell all my equipment. I was left with my mobile and so a new journey began in exploring the possibilities of telling stories through a mobile. Everyone said I was crazy, and at times I would agree with that but Ive stuck with it and slowly re-building my career as filmmaker but also known for using mobiles. 

Take my filmmaking cap off and I believe in grass roots community and supporting disadvantaged and marginalised young people in film production. I've spent a number of years running projects for local and national groups offering mentoring and training. Today is exciting times in this area because of smartphone technology and its capabilities in supporting young people to learn not just filmmaking but personal development skills.


I use smartphone technology to shoot not only commercial work but to provide affordable services to charities and education.

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Interview with Beast Grip in the USA about my work in mobile filmmaking

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Mobile film of the year

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