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Heart Warriors

a documentary by Cassius Rayner

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Heart Warriors  

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Additional funding is needed to complete the editing process.

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We have raised an amazing £600 of the £2,400 needed 


Latest Update

Stage 1

 'Heart Warriors' has just been filmed (July 2018) in Ethiopia at the childrens cardiac centre thanks to the support of donators to the project and logistic support from Chain of Hope. An incredible experience to witness the medical team saving so many children and working non stop.

Stage 2

NEWS - Occlutech have stepped in to support the project through sponsorship which will allow the production to continue on time and on track. All future donations via this website will be given directly to Chain of Hope.

Stage 3 

In late November and December 2019 I completed the final stage of filming and interviews. Permissions to be able to film at the hospital took several months during 2019 to complete. 

Stage 4

Now beginning the post production process which is where I need your help. In order to get this edited I need certain costs covered so I can commit to its completion.

Demo clips from Ethiopian shoot




For the last year I have wanted to make a documentary about a very special individual and his work in cardiac surgery. Professor Qureshi came into my life when it was discovered by him that my daughters heart had serious issues. He saved my daughters life and during the many months of hospital I became to realise how important his work is and the teams working with him that save so many childrens lives. I became aware of his mission work overseas and his commitment to training others to help save children in developing countries. As a filmmaker I feel it is my duty to tell his story and those around him and the incredible work he has done through his career and with charities.







The documentary will follow him on a mission to Africa where he works in training medical staff and saving childrens lives suffering with various cardiac complications. The story will be a personal journey for me and I hope to gain a real insight with Professor Qureshi in understanding his work, his passion and the difficult decisions he has to make and most importantly why he has dedicated so many years to charity missions overseas. We get news clips, sound bites and short stories about these amazing people and their work but never get to understand them as individuals and why it's so important.

Professor Qureshi

with Jessie my daughter



Its a big ask of anyone to support a project financially that they were not directly involved with at the beginning. This project has been driven by love, and determination to not only tell a personal story but to recognise an extraordinary individual who has saved so many children over the decades. So if you can support the project that would be amazing. £2,500 is needed to complete the project thats been 2 years in the making.

Donations of £20

A thank you credit with your name at the end of the documentary.

Donations of £150 - £499

thank you credit and invites to screenings. Plus the offer of a free 1hr zoom workshop with me - let me give you knowledge and skills in mobile filmmaking. 

Donations of £500+

You will recieve an Associate Producer credit on the film and invites to screenings.









Cassius Rayner

I will be working alone on this project, filming, writing, producing and editing the documentary.


The official sponsors of the documentary project. Supporting the pre-production and actual production which is now complete.


The amazing team at Chain of Hope organise the missions overseas and have been incredibly helpful and supportive in allowing me to join their team and the journey. They are not in a position to fund the documentary but they are offering me a lot of support and organising the permissions for me to be with Professor Qureshi and the medical centres in Africa.

For more information please visit the Chain of Hope website and see for yourself the work they do in saving lives



It has taken a few months to meet with and logistically organise the permissions I need in order to film and travel to Africa. 

23rd - 31st of July 2018

filming in Ethiopia 

Sept - Nov 2019

Filming in Evelina Hospital London

August - Oct 2020


End of Nov

First public screening



A variety of screenings to be organised in hospitals across the UK. (this may require raising an additional small fund to support it)

To be offered to medical Universities to inspire students.

To be given to selected charities that support heart conditions.

To be shared globally with organisations and medical centres.